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Did You Know Your Ceilings and Walls Can Be Cleaned?

ANS Ceiling Cleaning will:

  • Save You Up To 90% Over Replacing

  • Save You Up To 70% Over Painting

  • Completed Most Jobs In 1 Night



What are the Benefits of Cleaning versus Painting or Replacement?
●    Cleaning your ceiling can be done for about 20% of the cost of replacement
●    Retention of fire retardant and acoustic properties
●    Tiles are cleaned, and tile odors are removed
●    Costs less than painting of tiles by approximately 50%
●    Crews work at night or during non businesses hours
●    There are no fumes or odors from the cleaning process itself
●    Painting is messy and costs about twice as much as cleaning
●    Sanitizes your Ceilings and Walls


Your Ceilings Can Look New Again!

ANS Ceiling and Wall Restoration is proud to serve these great companies in our surrounding area.

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